Frequently Asked Questions

Irish Rail Customers

When is Annual Taxsaver Available?

Annual Taxsaver Parking Offer is available from 25th Oct - 31st Dec 2018 to all Annual Rail ticket holders

Is there a Co2 Discount Scheme?

This is not currently available, but may be in the future.

Why is Parkbytext changing to APCOA Connect at Irish Rail stations?

Following a successful tender process APCOA has been awarded the contract to manage the car parks and parking payments on behalf of Irish Rail.

From what date will APCOA Connect be available in Irish Rail Car Parks?

APCOA Connect will become available at Irish Rail car parks on a phased basis starting from Monday 19th February 2018. You can start using APCOA Connect as soon as you see our new signs. After 26th February 2018 you will no longer be able to purchase car parking through Parkbytext for Irish Rail car parks.

Do I need to re-register with APCOA Connect or will my details be transferred from the Parkbytext system?

Due to data protection issues Customer Data will not be transferred to APCOA Connect. All customers will need to register with APCOA Connect if they are not already registered.

You can download the APCOA Connect app and register before 19th February 2018, however you will not be able to pay for parking at Irish Rail car parks until after that date.

How do I register for APCOA Connect?

Registering is simple and can be done quickly on this webpage by pressing the ‘Buy Parking’ or ‘Login’ tab above or via our app which is available on Android and iPhone Mobile stores.

For more information on APCOA Connect including how to register and pay, please see further details and FAQ’s on this webpage.

What happens to my current/live Parkbytext payment transaction?

All current/live Parkbytext purchases will be valid until their transaction end date.

Any valid Parkbytext parking transactions that extend beyond 26th February 2018 (e.g. such as TaxSaver or annual pass holders), will remain valid in APCOA’s systems. If you wish to make any changes to these details after 26th February 2018 we will be happy to help you.

I have money in my Parkbytext account, can I transfer this to APCOA Connect?

Unfortunately this is not feasible as you do not need to have an account balance with APCOA Connect, however Parkbytext will refund your money. They estimate that this may take up to a calendar month in some instances. For more details on Parkbytext service terms, conditions and chargesclick here

What if I am already registered with APCOA Connect?

If you are already a registered user of APCOA Connect then you do not need to register again.

How do I add a new vehicle?

You can add a new vehicle either through the APCOA Connect app or on this website.

Can I change my vehicle for an existing parking session?

Yes, you can change your vehicle registration for sessions of 1 day or greater, via the APCOA Connect app or on this website. If you are adding a new vehicle registration, you must firstly add it in your Account and then update your Current Parking.

Can I park at a different station to the one I purchased?

Yes, if you need to park at a different station please email and we will process your request.

I bought an annual taxsaver parking pass but can’t see it on APCOA Connect?

If you have given consent for your details to be passed to APCOA, we have received your details. If you registered for APCOA Connect using the same mobile number that you used when buying your annual pass, you will now have visibility of your annual pass in your APCOA Connect account. If you have any problems please contact us.

Will I pay any additional charges if I use APCOA Connect at Irish Rail stations?

There are no transaction charges for using APCOA Connect at Irish Rail stations. Confirmation or reminder texts are charged at 20c each but these can be disabled in your account or app settings.

Can I book overnight parking at Irish Rail station car parks with APCOA Connect?

Yes, a “1 day” parking session on APCOA Connect will give you 24 hours’ parking. For example, if you buy at 16:00 today it will be valid until 15:59 tomorrow. Make sure to check your expiry time before purchasing, and note that overnight parking may be subject to car park opening times (please check at your local station).

Will the cost of parking increase on APCOA Connect?

No, parking tariffs at Irish Rail station car parks will remain unchanged after the transition from Parkbytext.

What is the cost of parking at weekends and public holidays?

Parking tariffs at weekends and public holidays are the same as normal weekdays.

Additional FAQ’s and associated responses are provided on this webpage...

We would encourage you to read these in advance of our Go Live date of the 26th of February.


Why should I register? What are the benefits?

Registration is quick and simple. Once registered you can use SMS, Smartphone or Website parking.

Does it cost anything to register for Phone Parking?

No, registration is absolutely free.

I haven't received my password

Please ensure that you have entered the correct email address to receive your password.

Do I have to store my card details?

When you use the system to make a purchase, you have the option of storing your credit or debit card details for future use. If you choose not to store them, no details will be retained by any of our systems and you will need to enter the full details every time, including long card number, expiry date, card verification value (CVV) and start date and issue number (if applicable to your card). If you choose to store them, these will be held in compliance with the industry-accepted PCI/DSS standard in a secure datacenter, with the exception of card verification value which is never stored.

If you subsequently choose to register via our website, you can choose to view VAT receipts associated with your purchases. Your account will be password-protected in line with data protection requirements and you will also be able to enter credit or debit card details online, for storage via the same secure mechanism, should you choose to do so.

How do I add a new vehicle registration to my account

Please log in via ‘My Account’ on top of the page and click on vehicle details. Alternatively you may do so in the “Manage Account” section of the APCOA Connect app.

Location Codes

Can I enter a 3-digit location code?

Location codes are always 4 digits long. So even if your location code starts with a 0 you still need to enter the 0 as the first digit via smartphone or SMS.

What if we have a query relative to a specific location?

If you have a query specific to a certain location, please use the feedback section on the website or Smartphone application which will allow you to type in a location code and log your query with the relevent authorities

Costs and Charging

Why is 1c charge showing as pending on my account

There is a 1c holding fee. Please be advised this does not come out of your account.

Is there a Co2 Discount Scheme?

This is not currently available, but may be in the future.

What are the costs involved?

Registration is free. You must provide your payment card details at registration but nothing will be billed to your card until you buy parking

To use SMS parking you will be charged the cost of your parking (as displayed on our web site or on the app).

Are there any hidden costs?

No. All the costs are clearly outlined on our website and on the app. There are no hidden costs.

  • The headline cost is the parking cost
  • A convenience fee may be charged depending on location
  • Reminder and confirmation SMSes cost 20c each, if selected

What Payment Cards Do You Accept?

We accept the following card types, but please check with your local provider:

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Visa Debit

Mobile Costs?

SMS costs will be dependent upon your Network Provider and your individual contract, please refer to your Network Providers pricing policy for any respective pricing tariffs. The SMS service we use is not a premium number and on most payment plans the SMS cost will be minimal.

SMS Reminder / Confirmation Costs?

If you opt in for a Reminder or a Confirmation SMS, Connect will charge at a rate of 20 cents per SMS sent to you. Please refer to your Network Provider’s pricing policy for any other SMS charges and their respective tariffs.

Weekly and Monthly Tariffs

Please note that weekly and monthly tariffs operate on a 24hr rolling basis from the time of purchase for 7 days or 28,29,30 or 31 days respectively. They do not expire at midnight.

What if I get over/undercharged?

If you feel you have been incorrectly charged for your parking, please contact us using the feedback forms on the website and/or Smartphone Application


Am I Guaranteed a Parking Space?

Unfortunately you are not guaranteed a parking space at a Location, to avoid disappointment it might be advisable to purchase your parking session whilst on site. Unfortunately we cannot refund any sessions purchased where a parking space is not available.

SMS Payments

Do We need a Registration?

Please note that you need to have payment details registered prior to making payments via SMS.

The Connect system does not accept credit card details via SMS, the customer needs to be registered with the system in order to purchase via SMS. When the customer registers with the system gains something called a token from the Payment Services Provider, which links to the account on the Connect system.


Is the CVV stored in the system?

When a payment is made via SMS the CVV needs to be input as part of the process. This is all within a PCI compliant process. Please note that the CVV is not stored within the system, the below is the statements from Visa concerning the CVV and it's use, which covers SMS. "CVV must always be protected but Visa’s position is that CVV alone without the presence of PAN does not need to be protected according to the full suite of PCI DSS requirements. The one exception is the CVV must never be stored after authorization."

Web Payments

Web Payments

Web Payments are be available via the Connect Web Site on selected locations.

If you navigate to the a location page and choose the buy option next to the respective tariff, this will take you through the purchase process.

Please note that web payments are not available for every location.


Multiple Vehicles

You can have multiple vehicles available with your account. This can be setup either by sending a message with "REG YYYD1234" to 0861 801 630 or by entering the details (including make and colour) via the Account section on the website.

Default Vehicle

Once set up, the vehicle at the top of the list is the default vehicle that will be used for SMS, Smart-phone and website transactions. In each case, you have the opportunity to select one of the other vehicles instead. You can change the default on the website.

Long Duration Permits – (Check Local Sites for Details)

Please check at local sites to find out what a Longer Duration Permit is, in some locations they could be called Permits or Season Tickets, they could be for a Quarter and longer.

Please note that changing the default vehicle only affects future purchases, it will not affect a current purchase/ session, E.G. if your location offers Annual Season Tickets and you have purchased one changing your default vehicle will not change the vehicle associated with that purchase and you could potentially be issued a parking ticket as you would have an invalid parking session.

Long Duration - Changing the Vehicle

In order to change the vehicle on a Longer Duration Permit you have two options:

  • 1) Contact Customer Services and they will make the change for you (contact details available at local sites).

  • 2) Alternatively, you can send a SMS (text message) to update your vehicle registration mark. (VRM) aligned with your parking permit. Simply text ‘REG’ followed by your VRM to 0861 801 630. For example: text ‘REG YYYD1234’.

  • Short Duration Sessions

    Also please note that the vehicle associated with short-duration tariffs may not be changed, again please check local sites for details but they tend to be for one month and less.

    SMS Parking

    What number do I use for SMS parking?

    For SMS parking send your SMS to 086 1801630

    How do I pay for parking by SMS?

    Once registered, to buy parking simply send an SMS message to 086 1801630 using one of the following formats:

    park CVV DurationCode LocationCode VRM
    This will register parking for the vehicle, location and duration specified
    park CVV DurationCode LocationCode
    This will register parking for the location and duration specified, for the vehicle you last parked with
    park CVV DurationCode
    This will register parking for the duration specified, for the vehicle and location you last parked with
    park CVV
    This will register parking for the vehicle, location and duration you last parked with


    • park is a keyword that means we know you are parking your vehicle.
    • CVV is your payment card's 3 or 4 digit security code (also known as a CV2 code).
    • DurationCode is the code for the number or days, weeks etc. that you are parking your vehicle for e.g.
      • 60 = 1 Hour, 120 = 2 hours etc
      • 801 = 1 Day, 802 = 2 days, etc.

        Note: Daily/Weekly/Monthly parking is not available at all locations – please check our location listing

    • LocationCode is a 4-digit code that refers to the location, as displayed on the website and local signage.
    • VRM is your vehicle registration mark.

    Please note that the system works by remembering your parking from last time. So if you use the minimal "park CVV" message, the system will fill in the remaining parameters automatically, including DurationCode, LocationCode and VRM from your previous purchase.

    How do I extend my parking by SMS?

    To extend your current parking, simply send another SMS to 086 1801630 using one of the above formats, such as:

    park CVV DurationCode
    So for example
    park 123 801

    Why do I need to register to use SMS Parking?

    You need to register so that we have your details to be able to bill your card when you use SMS parking. It is not secure to send full credit card details in an SMS message, hence the need for prior registration.

    What is my 'preferred vehicle registration'?

    When paying for parking via SMS, you do not need to include your vehicle's registration if you are parking your preferred vehicle

    What is my 'preferred location'?

    When paying for parking via SMS, you do not need to include a location code in your SMS message if you are parking at your previous car park location.

    SMS Settings

    All SMS Options are available to be configured via the “My Account” section of this website, or the “Manage Account” section of the Smartphone app, where you can switch off confirmation and reminder SMSes.

    All SMS confirmations will now be charged (including purchases made via SMS) previously an SMS confirmation were previously free for SMS users



    To download the Android Smart Phone Application pleaseclick here


    To download the iPhone Smart Phone Application pleaseclick here.

    Will support cease for the old version of the Smartphone Application?

    Following the major update to the smartphone application in 2017, we are discontinuing support for the versions previous to this update, specifically applications with versions lower than 5.0.0.

    This means that these versions will no longer be functional, and therefore you will be unable to continue to use them for any of their features, including buying parking.

    The date we will be discontinuing support for these applications is the 3rd of October 2018. We recommend that all users upgrade to the latest version of the application as soon as possible. This can be done on your devices app store, links to these can be found below.

    If you are using a version equal to or above version 5.0.0. then you don't need to worry, but we would advise you always try to keep the application as up to date as possible, as each new version will include general improvements and newer features.

    Any purchases that were made on the previous versions of the application will continue to be valid and will appear on the new version of the application, even if they are due to expire after the old application's support is discontinued.

    You can download the latest version of the applicationhere.

    Will my login credentials from a previous version work on the latest version of the Application?

    Yes, you will not need to re-enter any data from the previous versions of the application. Just update and login with the same credentials. Immediately take advantage of our new features.

    Smartphone Updates

    Why can't I update my Application?

    From November 2019, in accordance with new Google Play Store policies, the Apcoa Ireland Android app will no longer be providing updates to devices running Android 4.3 and earlier.

    Blue Badge Parking

    What are the rules for Blue Badge Parking?

    The rules for Blue Badge holders differ by location and parking operator. You should always refer to local signage for full information on whether or not Blue Badge holders are required to pay for parking at the location.

    Alternatively, you can search our Parking Locator tool for any details relating to a specific location. If there is no mention of Blue Badge holders being able to park for free, you should assume that you are required to make payment and proceed accordingly.

    Your Blue Badge must also be displayed at all times regardless of whether a parking fee is applicable or not.

    Multiple Concurrent Purchases

    How are multiple concurrent session treated within in the system

    The system does not cater for multiple sessions purchased by the same account for different VRM's via the IVR, SMS and Web. If you wish to cater for this occurrence we would advise using the Smart Phone application. If you attempt to purchase multiple concurrent sessions for different VRM's via the IVR, SMS or Web your second purchase will be treated as an extension to the first session that you purchased. If you do indeed make this mistake please contact your local customer services provider.

    Security and Data Protection

    Is Phone Parking Secure? Is it safe to store my details?

    Both phone parking and this website are fully secure; as we take the security of all your personal details very seriously. Our systems are rigorously tested and have been developed with encryption software and secure socket layer technology.

    On Line Details

    When you register online or elect to store you details it is only necessary to enter your Payment Card details once.

    PCI Compliance

    Secure servers store Payment Card details in a PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant and accredited facility. Details are only accessed when you pay for parking, using secure encrypted links between our payment service and the major Banks.

    PCI Compliance Certificate

    The payment service is managed and maintained by our partner DataCash. A copy of the DataCash PCI DSS certificate can be viewed here:

    Privacy Policy

    Our privacy policy could be view here.


    What is GPDR?

    The GDPR is a regulation intended to strengthen and unify data protection for everyone within the European Union (EU). As we believe that all our customers can benefit from its mandates, we're implementing it globally. The GDPR requires greater openness and transparency from companies on how they collect, store and use personal data, while also imposing tighter limits on the use of personal data.

    Personal Information we Collect

    1. We will collect the following personal information required to register and book a transaction through the service.
      1. Phone Number
      2. Vehicle Details
      3. Your email address in certain circumstances
      4. Billing information such as your credit card number and expiry date. Please note payment details are not stored on our servers they are stored in a PCI compliant manner with our Payment Services Provider
    2. Please note that it not compulsory to store the above details with us and doing so is entirely up to the customer.

    Personal Information we do not Collect

    1. We will not request data that is not relevant to your transaction through the Site or Apps such as:
      1. Date of Birth
      2. Home Address
    2. As we believe that this is not relevant to your transactions through our Site and Apps.

    Use of Information

    1. We will use this information in order to administer your parking transaction
    2. Make the information available to integrated enforcement systems to ensure that you will not receive a parking ticket if you have a valid transaction for the time and date of the contravention occurrence
    3. We do not send any information onto 3 rd Parties for Marketing purposes
    4. If you opt in, we can send you service update messages such as
      1. Location closures
      2. Location updates